AfroChampions Initiative

AfroChampions Initiative is a public-private partnership designed to galvanize African resources and institutions to drive further economic integration in Africa. The Initiative supports the emergence and success of African corporate champions, which have a critical role in integrating African markets and accelerating the transformation of the continent. The Initiative is headquartered as a non-profit organization in Accra, Ghana, and works with regional and global partners and governments, with the support of other corporate and institutional partners. The AfroChampions Initiatives has defined 4 pillars of activity, all aimed at supporting Africa’s economic integration, including (1) Policy-shaping for a successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area; (2) Creating a powerful group of AfroChampion companies able to speak  with one voice and propose strategic policy recommendations; (3) Driving investment into game- changing projects on the continent and (4) Capacity building for the next generation of African  executives


Africa Public Health Foundation

On 5th September 2019, The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), in partnership with the African Union announced the launch of the Africa Public Health Foundation (APHF). The APHF will establish greater partnerships with the private sector and deepen engagement with the Africa CDC Regional Collaborating Centers and Member States. This approach aims to further advance the progress made in the significant reduction in morbidity over the past decades and increase Africa’s capacity to handle its public health needs. In light of Covid 19, the foundation shall implement mechanisms for public-private-philanthropic partnership to harness African assets from multi-sectoral sources to support Africa CDC in strengthening Africa’s Health and Economic Security. The Foundation will facilitate interactions with the private and philanthropic sectors to support Africa CDC’s mission to safeguard the continent during this pandemic and beyond. Bernard Haufiku, Minister of Health of Namibia (2015-2018) and Adviser to the President of Namibia, is the Founder of APHF and shall work with public and private sector leaders towards a consolidated response.


African Cotton and Textile Industries Federation

The Mission of ACTIF is to promote trade and increase market access for the cotton, textile, and apparel industry in Africa. This Mission is informed by its Vision, which is an integrated cotton textile and apparel industry that effectively competes on the world market. ACTIF is in a strategic position to influence favourable policies that could address regional and international issues that can cartelize the growth of the industry in Africa.


African Health Business

AHB is an African health consultancy, advisory and investment firm that aims to improve access to quality affordable healthcare in Africa. AHB’s expertise is targeted towards supporting governments, corporates, health organisations and development partners to foster effective Public Private Partnership initiatives in health. AHB’s team includes experts with direct experience working with the African public and private health sector, civil society, academia, and development agencies. AHB is committed to co-creating tailored local solutions with the potential to change the trajectory of health across the African continent through specialised knowledge, expertise and support.


Bitega Omisore Associates

Bitega Omisore Associates (BOA) is an Africa-bred, globally refined communications strategists, story tellers and brand builders leveraging Africa’s creativity to position its people, nations and institutions and project them to the rest of the world. BOA’s purpose is to change the way the world sees Africa. BOA team leverages its networks across Africa to provide strategy, PR and media advisory services for the global elite across sectors. BOA is a full-service communication consulting agency, specializing in: individual and Corporate Positioning Nation Branding, Strategic Communications Advisory Services.

Dr. Bertha Serwa_7

Dr Bertha Ayi

Dr. Bertha S. Ayi is an infectious disease specialist in Clinton, Maryland and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area. She has been in practice between 11-20 years. Dr Ayi completed my medical education in 1997 at the University of Ghana Medical School (UGMS), which is known for graduating astute clinicians. She graduated with honors and received the Alcon/Paracelsus award in Ophthalmology. She finished my internal medicine residency at Good Samaritan Hospital Inc. in 2002. This hospital is affiliated with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD. In 2004, She completed my fellowship training in infectious diseases via a combined training program at Creighton University Medical Center, VA hospital and The Nebraska Medical Center.


Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (‘ETI’)

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (‘ETI’) is the parent company of the Ecobank Group, the leading independent pan-African banking group. The Ecobank Group employs over 15,000 people and serves about 20 million customers in the consumer, commercial and corporate banking sectors across 33 African countries. The Group has a banking licence in France and representative offices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Johannesburg, South Africa; Beijing, China; London, the UK and Dubaï, the United Arab Emirates. The Group offers a full suite of banking products, services and solutions including bank and deposit accounts, loans, cash management, advisory, trade, securities, wealth and asset management. ETI is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchanges in Lagos, the Ghana Stock Exchange in Accra, and the Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières in Abidjan.


Global Infectious Disease Institute

impulse africa

Impulse Africa

Impulse Africa was created with this conviction: Africa is soon to become – and probably sooner than we think – the engine that will drive global growth. To accelerate this movement, African stakeholders – either operating in the public or in the private sector – need some support to better position their projects and development strategies. Through tailored strategies and communications tactics, the company therefore aims to: support African investors and entrepreneurs keen to develop their activities across Africa and beyond; and support foreign investors in deploying their projects in Africa, through equitable partnerships with operating countries. Impulse Africa works for African and foreign companies, but also states and public institutions, by offering services and tactics needed to successfully deliver their projects.



Koldchain enables systemic validation of cold supply chain and distribution activities at the lowest possible cost and within the usual infrastructural constraints of most developing countries while integrating the data collected to predict breaches in advance.



Konfidants is a diversified international Advisory Firm supporting companies, governments and international organizations to achieve impact across Africa and other global regions. The team has en extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research, with a focus on economic benchmark studies that can inform business development strategies. Konfidants serves as thought-leading convener and advisor of high-impact multi-country partnerships to transform Africa and drive the global emergence of African corporations.



mPedigree is the global leader in the use of mobile and web technologies in securing products against faking, counterfeiting and diversion. Partnering more than two-dozen telecom operators, Fortune 500 technology companies, and regulatory agencies in several countries, mPedigree has created more than a technology platform; we have helped launch a movement. By powering partnerships, as well as delivering cutting-edge supply chain transformation technologies, such as our multi-award winning Goldkeys app and portal, mPedigree renders service to the world’s leading pharmaceutical and consumable companies with the shared goal of protecting consumers, enriching their lives and transforming their communities through a cleaner, better, supply chain.


New African Capital Partners

New African Capital Partners is an investment platform designed to turn our vision for Catalytic Investing into financial and social return for the continent – through independent thinking and advisory that manages global and local perspectives for emerging markets.


Talamus Health

Talamus Health’s mission is to make the interaction between health professionals and their patients as easy and as safe as possible by leveraging the technology of the future. Talamus Health believes that the doctor patient relationship is sacred. That is why Talamus Health has created a system that puts the doctor and patient at the center of the healthcare process. For Talamus Health’s team, cost should not be a barrier to leveraging technology to deliver the best care possible.

Speak up-01

Speak Up Africa

Headquartered in Dakar, Senegal, Speak Up Africa is a Policy and Advocacy Action Tank dedicated to catalyzing leadership, enabling policy change, and increasing awareness for sustainable development in Africa. Through their platforms and relationships and with the help of their partners, they ensure that policy makers meet implementers; that solutions are showcased and that every sector– from individual citizens and civil society groups to global donors and business leaders – contributes critically to the dialogue and strives to form the blueprints for concrete action for public health and sustainable development.